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About Us | Agarwal Crypto Trading Limited

About us

"Agarwal Crypto Trading" Company was registered in February 6th, 2018 in Great Britain (registration number #11189773) and works according to the legislation of this jurisdiction.

Agarwal Crypto Trading Limited fulfills energy saving functions and works in compliance with the normative, legislative and legal enactments. Our goal is to develop new areas, increase the share of the company participation in international projects in energy saving and ecology.

Why have we chosen a traditional nuclear power industry
for investing rather than alternative (natural) energy?

The nuclear sector provides 17% of all power consumed by mankind. In industrially developed countries (France, Lithuania, Germany, and Sweden) where there is a deficit of natural power resources (oil, natural gas, coal), the production of electrical power is from 50 to 76%.

According to experts, in the nearest future the development of nuclear energy is forecasted in countries of the Asia-Pacific region (China, India), some countries of the Eastern Europe (the Czech Republic, Slovakia), and countries of the former CIS (Kazakhstan, Russia).

Agarwal Crypto Trading Limited Company has established a number of branches in the
countries where the nuclear power industry is the main one for producing
electric power. Besides, we actively participate in projects on energy saving on
the regional level, take part in ecological programs and invest in scientific
developments of technologies for nuclear energy.

Agarwal Crypto Trading Limited officially registered company #11189773


  • 193 nuclear power plants
    in the world
  • 453 power units
    in 31 countries of the world
  • 394 836MW of total electrical power, which is
  • 11.2% world-wide generation of electricity
  • 62 power units are
    under construction

Professional circuit installers, planning engineers, technologists, marketing experts and specialists on power saving work for our company.

We specialize in supplying equipment for nuclear energy and modernizing stations. In particular, in the Russian Federation we participated in modernizing three nuclear reactors. As a result, the total amount of power production was increased by 26%.

Modern nuclear energy is being actively developed thanks to essentially new technologies on ecology and safety, as well as from implementing new perspective innovational solutions.

We conclude agreements with ecological organizations and receive funds financed by the companies implementing innovational technologies to minimize the waste of nuclear reactors.

As of 2018 our investment portfolio has orders for more than twenty projects on reducing power consumption. Some projects are being already implemented, and some of them are planned. The total amount of the orders is about one million US dollars. Our partners are satisfied with our relatively inexpensive and safe technological solutions.

You can feel safe about your investments because the Agarwal Crypto Trading Limited Company works on the state and international level which guarantees stable work and profits.

  • Vicky Roberts

    The Project Trust!

    Almost a week, normal flight... everything is like payment by the hour. Respect! We hope to work with you much.

  • Amanda Hole

    Instant payment

    Date: 28.09.2018 16:03:28
    ID: 43786449 Details: P61572517 → P2****** Amount: 2.79 $ Comment: Agarwal Crypto Trading Limited"

  • Foreal9

    Платит Уверенно!

    Date : 01/10/2018 05:27
    From/To Account : U13355716
    Amount : 21.00
    Batch : 191341079
    Memo : API Payment. Agarwal Crypto Trading Limited.....

  • Adelstein Kanilah

    Since spring I've been following the project, now I can see where I came from. Good luck! Depp on 2 plans at once, I'm sure not ...

  • Ray995

    The project is truly spiritual, it has already become profitable ... And this is only 20 days

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